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Many of us often eat in response to emotional or other triggers. It can be helpful to note whether the eating is in response to an emotion (such as boredom, sadness or frustration), or related to other activities (such as watching television, being around others who are eating). Adding a record of emotions and activities to a food diary can help to identify triggers for eating other than hunger. Essentially, food journals help you understand your eating habits, so you can better make the changes you desire.

Rory can review and analyze your food journals, help you understand your eating habits, and share with you her ideas for change so you can more easily reach your healthy eating goals.

Food Journal Template

Food Journal Template

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Rory looks forward to helping you achieve your health and nutritional goals.
Contact her via phone at (403) 819-6919, or via email at to learn how she can help with Food Journaling.

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