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True health comes from fostering behaviours and habits that enhance your overall well-being; it does not come by simply following numbers on a scale or specific food rules laid out by someone who does not know your specific situation. If you are experiencing issues with food or weight management, following the concepts of intuitive eating could really help! By healing your relationship to food and to your body, you can find true food freedom. With weight management/intuitive eating, you reconnect with your internal body cues, build back body trust, and cultivate a healthy and peaceful relationship with both food and your body. Rory is here to help you on your road to intuitive eating.

What is Intuitive Eating?

Weight Management & Intuitive Eating | Rory Hornstein | Registered Dietitian | Calgary and Surrounding Areas

Intuitive Eating is an approach that teaches you how to create a healthy relationship with your food, mind, and body; a relationship where you ultimately become the expert of your own body. With Intuitive Eating, you learn how to distinguish between physical and emotional feelings and gain a sense of body wisdom. It is also a process of making peace with food, so that you no longer have constant “food worry” thoughts. Intuitive Eating is eating with the knowledge that your health and your worth as a person do not change simply because you eat a food that you previously labeled as “bad” or “fattening.”

The underlying premise of Intuitive Eating is learning to respond to your inner body cues, because we are all born with all the wisdom, we need for eating intuitively. While this may sound simplistic on the surface, in reality it is actually quite complex. This natural-born inner wisdom is often clouded by years of dieting and food myths that abound in today’s culture. For example, the notion “eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full” may sound like basic common sense, but when you have a history of chronic dieting or of following rigid “healthy” rules about eating, it can be quite difficult. In order to be able to ultimately return to your inborn Intuitive Eater, a number of things need to be in place – the most important one being the ability to trust yourself!

Weight Management & Intuitive Eating | Rory Hornstein | Registered Dietitian | Calgary and Surrounding Areas

Personalized Nutrition Counselling is helpful for those who:

  • Struggle with weight issues (including mid-life fat gain) and/or dislike their body image
  • Obsess about food and have undesired eating binges that seem out of control
  • Routinely go “on” and “off” diets, only to regain the weight they have lost
  • Have a slow metabolism and seem to maintain their weight on very little food
  • Have high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, or relatives with any of these conditions
  • Want to invest in their health and future well-being, as well as the health and future well-being of their family

Rory’s Personalized Nutrition Services include:

  • Creating a personalized diet plan for successful weight reduction
  • Addressing stress as it affects your health, your eating, and your weight
  • Planning special diets for hypoglycemia, heart disease, diabetes, weight gain or weight loss

Rory looks forward to helping you achieve your health and nutritional goals.
Contact her via phone at (403) 819-6919, or via email at rory@roryrd.com to learn how she can help with Weight Management/Intuitive Eating.

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