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Sports Nutrition | Rory Hornstein | Registered Dietitian | Calgary and Surrounding Areas

If you are an active person looking for help fueling yourself optimally for high energy, enhanced performance, good health, and weight management, Rory is here to help! Specializing in sports nutrition for both casual and competitive athletes, Rory is here to create a unique and customized plan to help you reach your health and wellness goals.

Rory has more than twelve years of experience helping both casual exercisers and competitive athletes resolve their questions and concerns about food, weight, and eating for energy. She counsels clients of all athletic abilities and ages (from middle school through college and beyond, including new moms, Baby Boomers, women struggling with menopause, and seniors). Rory can help create a personalized fueling plan for you, that will help you reach your health, weight, and performance goals.

Sports Nutrition | Rory Hornstein | Registered Dietitian | Calgary and Surrounding Areas

Rory's Nutrition Checkup is helpful for active people who:

  • Realize that nutrition is the missing link in their training program
  • Feel chronically fatigued and routinely lack energy to exercise at their best
  • Have high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure – or have relatives with these conditions.

Rory’s Sports Nutrition Services Include:

  • Determining calorie needs, ideal weight, and if desired, percent body fat
  • Assessing nutritional adequacy of daily eating patterns
  • Teaching what and when to eat to optimize performance
  • Developing meal patterns that maintain a high energy level all day long
  • Making personalized diet plans for successful weight reduction
  • Answering questions about fat, cholesterol, fiber, fast foods, sodium, vitamins, supplements, anorexia, bulimia, weight plateaus, menopause, low blood sugar, sports nutrition, carbohydrate-loading, fluids, pre-competition meals, or triathlon food…basically whatever nutrition concerns or questions you have!

Instead of struggling with nutrition problems by yourself, try a professional approach that will help you feel better about your food choices, your eating habits, your energy levels, and your body weight. Rory’s professional sports nutrition approach can help you successfully win with good nutrition choices and a smooth road to your sports and wellness goals.

Rory looks forward to helping you achieve your health and nutritional goals.
Contact her via phone at (403) 819-6919, or via email at to learn how she can help with Sports Nutrition.

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